Are there really 10 future Pro Bowlers in this year’s top 15 picks?

Posted by ttwentyman on March 7, 2013 – 12:11 pm

This year’s draft has been tagged as a very deep class, but one devoid of true elite prospects at the top.

There doesn’t appear to be the Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Von Miller or A.J. Green-type of elite talent that typically floods the top of the draft.

There are certainly talented players in this draft and the Detroit Lions are poised to pick up one of those players at No. 5.

But even though “elite” hasn’t been a word thrown around regarding this year’s class, NFL talent scout and and current analyst Gil Brandt thinks the Lions will be able find themselves a future Pro Bowler come April.

Brandt listed 10 players in this year’s draft who he thinks will one day be Pro Bowlers.

The 10 were: DE Ziggy Ansah, G Jonathan Cooper, T Eric Fisher, T Luke Joeckel, T Lane Johnson, DE/OLB Dion Jordan, CB Dee Milliner, DE Barkevious Mingo, G Chance Warmack and S Kenny Vaccaro.

Obviously, this is one man’s opinion, and, here in Detroit, we know that talent doesn’t always live up to the hype.

All of the players Brandt listed are expected to be drafted in the top 15 picks.

That led me to look back at how many times 10 players from the top 15 picks in any one draft class made at least one Pro Bowl in their career.

It has actually only happened twice (2000 and 2004) dating back to 1990.

Here is how it breaks down:

1990 (6),  1991 (5), 1992 (6), 1993 (7), 1994 (8), 1995 (8), 1996 (9),  1997 (8), 1998 (8), 1999 (8), 2000 (10), 2001 (9), 2002 (7), 2003 (7), 2004 (10), 2005 (8), 2006 (8), 2007 (7), 2008 (5), 2009 (3), 2010 (9), 2011 (7), 2012 (3)

The draft classes from 2000 and 2004 prove that the top 15 picks can sometimes be littered with a lot of Pro Bowl talent. Will 2013 yield the same bounty?

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6 Responses to “Are there really 10 future Pro Bowlers in this year’s top 15 picks?”

  1. By Lance on Mar 7, 2013 | Reply

    The problem with the term, “Pro Bowler” is that it longer carries any real weight, in my opinion. If the first three running backs voted in miss the game, their three replacements are also given the designation of being a “Pro Bowl Player”. The whole thing has been diluted to the point of no longer being relevant. If at any time over say… the next 5 years all 10 of the players listed get into the Pro Bowl – for WHATEVER reason – then Gil Brandt’s prediction is validated.

  2. By Lance on Mar 7, 2013 | Reply

    Not really a big deal as far as predictions go. The whole Pro Bowl terminology has been diluted down to a loss of relevance. If all 3 elected QBs miss the game, all 3 replacements are also given the title “Pro Bowler”. Not exactly a big deal, aside from the way an agent would toss that into the mix when contract time rolls around. If all ten players listed make the Pro Bowl for ANY reason over their collective careers, then Gil Brandt’s prediction is correct. Not exactly Nostradamus.

  3. By Drekka on Mar 7, 2013 | Reply

    I’m sorry but this has to be said…

    Chance Warmack needs to be in a Lions uniform next year PERIOD…

    Forget all this other CRAP… FIX THE O-LINE!!!

    The D-backs if you didn’t notice were not all that bad THEY WERE HURT… Great Job by the D-back coaches to keep it somewhat together…

    Ranking 14th against the pass out of 32 teams while your Offence was sucking most of the year “AINT BAD” Considering the massive injury bug they had last year and the turnover….

    Chance Warmack WILL be a pro bowl Guard barring injury…

    You don’t pass on this type of talent (Pro Bowlers) when you have an early pick NO WAY!!!!!

    The O-line is WAY OVER DO for an upgrade… put Reiff and Warmack on the Left Side Slide Sims over to the Right Guard position, and put Nagy/Austin at Center we will be set for YEARS to come…

    If they can sign Gosder back it will be a big plus, but if not I like Fox to take his place as long as he can stay healthy…

    My only concern is with Sims, he good; but still is to light in the bucket… that’s been the problem with there O-line for years… Small… and most of them not good enough to be in the league…

    Chance Warmack not the sexy pick put the right pick for the near and distant future….

    DRAFT HIM!!!

  4. By Don on Mar 8, 2013 | Reply

    I am not sure If all these rookies will someday make the Pro Bow But I will tell you which ones that I believe are going to be the Best Players and which ones I believe are going to really impact their future Teams.
    Luke Joeckel*
    Ziggy Ansah*
    Kenny Vaccaro *
    Eric Fisher
    Jonathan Cooper
    Dee Milliner
    Dion Jordan*
    Chance Warmack*
    Barkevious Mingo
    Lane Johnson

    I am Somewhat Bummed out that we aren’t going to be Picking a Tackle this year Because any of these three Tackle’s Would get the Job done that we need done.
    At first I was totally sold on Eric Fisher and believe me if we took him I would be reeling over it.
    But when I got a good look at Luke Joeckel Then, Well lets ju8st say that He really looks better to me I do NOT know why. Like i say I would be happy with any of these three Tackles.
    I really Like Ziggy Ansah, and he I believe will turn out to be very Special.(But I’ve been wrong before?) However, If I was Picking and He was a Need Then he would probably be the Taker, There are Three Other DEs also this year. And The ONLY bummer about all of them is that they are still Developing.
    As far as the Guards Go I do not know enough about Johnathan Cooper? And Chance Warmack believes that he is going to be in Pro Bowls SO I will Believe him Too!
    We NEED A CB and we also NEED a Safety! In my opinion And that is Only mine and as you can see I am not working for any Sports Forum at all I still will go with this, I am More impressed with Kenny Vaccaro S than I am with Dee Milliner at CB.However Again either one will help this Team.
    I do have to do More checking out all of these guy’s Johnathan Cooper and Dion Jordan I really have to go look at some tape on them.
    Usually I would know or have an opinion.however this year there has been to much down time on My part. Sorry!
    I have to tell you guy’s though and not to tick anyone off but last years play by this Team was Very disappointing.I was and have to say very happy with our man Calvin and he always gives it everything he has!
    And as Good as I know this TEAM is and All the Talent that is here already that was here last year. 4-12 Well You left me speechless.And that is hard to do.
    SO get up dust yourselves off and get ready to WIN.because no one in this City is going to pat you on the back for anything else.

  5. By Jeff on Mar 8, 2013 | Reply

    I like the idea of getting top 5 talent…but if I was the Lions I would trade down and get a late 1st rounder with a few later round picks (2nd and 4th?) We have a deep defensive draft this year and more than enough good o linemen. With Cap issues its important to draft talent that will PLAY. I also wouldnt object to trading a star for players/picks deal. I love the big guy…but I honestly dont think he will resign and then we get nothing. We could get a starting cornerback, a top ten 1st round pick with 2nd, 3rd..whatever. We could get a great deal. But after next year He walks and we have a void to fill. Dont get me wrong…if we can sign him – do it! He is a great player…but if its not do-able….just sayin…

  6. By Don on Mar 9, 2013 | Reply

    After reading what Drekka was saying I have to Agree to some extent about the fact that our Line has Been TOO small and especially when it comes to competing with the other Teams in our division. Green bay and Minnesota have All way’s been filled with HUGE O-lines that allow their QBs all the time in the world to Pick out a WR and deliver. And also having the Power to Open those Holes and send there Running back down the Field. And even if their backs didn’t hit a hole the line’s we play against have all way’s been able to move the lines (or shift if you may) to allow their backs room and time to get around the end and into the open field.
    I very much like Chance Warmack, however I really believe that I would pick up one of the Tackles before the Guard. Yesterday I was wishy washy about Eric Fisher, But Today I am Changing again. With his 6’7″ SOLID frame and from what I know (could be wrong) he hasn’t been cursed with any sort of Injury bug that I know of. He would be VERY hard to pass up on. And I may even be willing to make moves to get him. We just have to many holes to fill to try to lose anything Moving ahead in the Draft. BUT if any of those three Tackles makes it to us? They would be hard to let pass by.
    If they are Gone by that time then take a chance on Chance.
    I do Think that I would Like to see Lawrence Jackson Taking a Stab at taking over Cliff Avril’s spot if Avril Splits. Jackson hasn’t really been givin a real chance here at taking the position and running with it. When he is in He produces
    I hate being long winded but about our O-line again, Backus was a great LT. BUT Way to small, he got pushed around. And a Lot of our O-lines have seemed to be like that In comparison to the rest of the league. I won’t say that Gosder Got Pushed around because I do not believe that that’s the case. Gosder was kinda the opposite He pushed the other guy’s, sometimes a little to much. (:
    I have to STOP! GO LIONS!

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