Amari Spievey and Kassim Osgood agree to one-year deals

Posted by ttwentyman on March 12, 2013 – 5:05 pm

The Detroit Lions have agreed to terms on one-year deals with both Amari Spievey and Kassim Osgood.

The Lions did not make Spievey a restricted free-agent tender offer, but the two sides agreed on a deal before the start of free agency, his agent Andy Simms confirmed.

Spievey, who finished the season on injured reserve, has suffered two concussions in a seven-month period, but was given the okay to resume contact in his exit physical after the season.

The Lions tendered contracts to their other two restricted free agents, Jason Fox and Willie Young. was the first to report that the team was re-signing special teams ace Osgood, who is one of the league’s best special teamers.

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4 Responses to “Amari Spievey and Kassim Osgood agree to one-year deals”

  1. By eddie Hiller on Mar 12, 2013 | Reply

    Smart move!

  2. By Guy E. Franklin on Mar 12, 2013 | Reply

    We have to be more aggressive when it comes to the free agency!! I whole heartedly agree with the chance at getting Reggie Bush. However, we should not put all of our eggs in his basket and neglect other free agents who have not been signed such as Neville CB from the Jets, Ed Reed from the Ravens and the wide reciever currently going to the 49ers. We need to be pro-active and ahead the game. Reggie Bush is only a start and not the end-all!. We need to think about picking up that RB out of Auburn as well our RB bench should be a deep one and not one deep so we end up waiting on them to heal up such as in the case of LeShoure (what a disappointment) or Javid Best.

    On another note COACH please be more assertive and get in your team’s ass when they continue to those stupid 5-15 yard penalties such as encroachment & un-necessary roughness.

  3. By Don on Mar 12, 2013 | Reply

    I guess? I really like Osgood.
    And Spievey is OK, But he never seems to be in the Game. I mean sure he is in there. But it just Seems like he has no real Impact! So far NOT a game changer.
    We Need some Game changers. And I would love to see Delmas resign But when I think about it he hasn’t been a real game changer either.
    I know that Delmas has the Ability, BUT he is NEVER in the Game?
    That doesn’t and Wont help this TEAM to get to a Superbowl.
    I want Guy’s that are going to be in the Game and playing it like there is NO Tomorrow. Because in Football there is only 16 Games, if you aren’t in Only about 8 of them. Then that could be the Difference in a Winning season and a Loosing season.

    PS I hope like heck that the LIONS are NOT bringing Laggarette Blount onto this TEAM! that would be a GREAT MISTAKE! He is another Player that is NOT a Game changer, Well that is not true, He changes the Game from a Winning game into a LOOSING Game, and it isn’t a Winning change for the Team that he is on. He is a Trouble Maker and has All way’s been a Trouble Maker.
    Blount is and was a College Stand out. In the Pros he’s a Stand on the Sidelines kinda player.
    I thought this Team was Looking for a Javid Best type Back. And blount is not a Javid Best type player! and you ALL know that he isn’t TOO! BY YOU ALL I am talking front office here. See that is like one of the old Bad Decisions that the Lions All Way’s use to Make! We want to get away from those kind of not thinking it out things that this TEAM has done in the Past! Taking someone else s Trouble and trying to fix it. I am Sorry But I am only Impressed with the Kassim Osgood Signing. C’mon Lionsyou can sign better that this? And why hasn’t Houston Been signed yet? Now if you were saying that that would be a good thing to hear. Well as long as Cris doesn’t Make us have to pay to Much?
    I just don’t get some players? They wont take a descent Contract and allow for the signing of More People that we Need So that we Can Possibly WIN a Superbowl.
    OH,Well GO LIONS! By: Longwinded Jabber Jaws

  4. By Dar Kur on Mar 13, 2013 | Reply

    Would have liked 2 years for Kassim. He earned at least that. Spievey has proven to be a great back-up safety so far. We better sign Landry or Quin or we’re not going anywhere. Levy as well–backup/special teams. Should have signed Kruger. Hell, if he went to Cleveland, he would have come here. Looks like Mayhew is fine with the corners and inexperienced LB’s we got–now that everyone’s healthy. (just please sign Houston). So, from the NFL FA tracker it looks like we only really want Reggie Bush and Glover Quin. hmmm. Wow. That’s our team–everyone EVERY player coming off some tweak, some injury or concussions. Hope we make it through 16 games.

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