Darius Slay on OTAs: “It’s killing me being on the sideline”

Posted by Tara Altman on May 29, 2013 – 4:15 pm

Darius Slay“OTA’s have been going pretty good. I’ve learned a lot just by watching film, and the veterans are teaching me a lot, teaching me the game, trying to turn me into a vet at an early age.

“I ask Chris Houston a lot of questions. He’s one of the oldest ones here, he’s played the position for a long time, he knows a lot about the game, so he’s been teaching me his little tricks.

“Really I’ve been learning the game a lot faster than I thought I would. I’ve learned real well, it’s not hard and they’re making it real simple and easy for me. I feel like I’m pretty much in good shape right now, but it’s killing me being on the sideline.

“It’s also very helpful to be able to talk to coaches. Gun’s always coming over trying to give me a little pointer every day, teach me something about football. Coach Robertson, he just wants to make sure I know all the plays – that’s it.

“I’m actually going to find a place to live this weekend. I’m enjoying the environment, but this is really the first it’s been hot, every other day it’s been raining. My car was shipped up today and my son will be coming up as soon as I get a place.”

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4 Responses to “Darius Slay on OTAs: “It’s killing me being on the sideline””

  1. By xiong on May 29, 2013 | Reply

    I like Slay. I can see he’s matured and wants to make an impact hopefully he’ll have a bright future ahead. can’t wait til game day

  2. By Doug on May 29, 2013 | Reply

    It’s obvious Schwartz likes to find value in talented players who are passed over because of a previous injury. I’m guessing Slay will be a boom or bust, but not mediocre. Fingers crossed on this one!

  3. By broccolilava on May 30, 2013 | Reply

    Thanks for the update, Darius. GL with the knee and finding a place. The summers are awesome here and real estate in Detroit is a joke. Your kid will be rolling around a mansion in no time. :)

  4. By Rebelyankee on May 30, 2013 | Reply

    Good luck young man. Oh by the way the weather is overblown but there are 4 seasons here. Dress for the weather and role with the flow it ain’t so bad bro :-)

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