Dominic Raiola: It’s Matthew Stafford or bust

Posted by ttwentyman on July 10, 2013 – 4:03 pm

Dominic Raiola has snapped the football to a lot of Lions quarterbacks over the past 12 years, but none of them have been a franchise-caliber quarterback like Matthew Stafford.

“This guy came in and was a Day 1 starter for us,” Raiola told Sirius NFL Radio Wednesday, after Stafford signed a three-year, $53 million extension.

“He took that and ran with it and took us to the playoffs (in 2011). He’s progressed well and really taken leadership of this team. That’s what franchise quarterbacks do.”

Stafford is now signed through 2017 with total compensation worth $76.5 million after the extension. It’s uncertain how many more years Raiola will be snapping the ball to him, considering he’s 34 years old and entering his 13th season. But Raiola knows his best chance at seeing a second winning season in his career is with No. 9 leading the way.

“I have a little closer bond with him and it’s well deserving,” Raiola said. “I’ve always said from the beginning that this guy was going to be the guy. It’s Stafford or bust for everyone (in Allen Park).

“He’s been the guy and what I saw this offseason is good stuff from him, so I’m happy for him.

“I texted him last night to congratulate him and his text back to me was, ‘Thanks, man, now lets go win.’ I think that says it all.”

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36 Responses to “Dominic Raiola: It’s Matthew Stafford or bust”

  1. By Sue on Jul 10, 2013 | Reply

    As I listion to Matts press confroncence I heard a man that is very team orinated and not out just for what he can get.Some players are out just for the pay check and not for the team. I think Matt is the quarterback for the Lion’s future and will lead us to a superbowl win or two.Go LIon’s!!!! Can’t wait for football season to start.I ‘am and alway’s will be a Lion’s fan through the bad and the goodtimes.

  2. By Black Wolf Standing on Jul 10, 2013 | Reply

    Matt has always said the right things. But can he win against good teams. He has a terrible record against good teams. He is still trying to figure out how to win in the NFL. Sometimes Matt looks like a Superbowl MVP, other times he looks lost. Consistency is lacking.

    If you look at Matt objectively, he is a middle of the pack QB with a very strong arm. Lots of potential. But if that potential is never translated in wins, then the Lions just wasted a huge chunk of money and because of the guarantees, and stuck with a moody cannon for the next five years.

    If he doesn’t bring home a Superbowl soon, this extension should be his last. Let’s talk pay cuts here on out.

  3. By twelsh36446 on Jul 10, 2013 | Reply

    Hope Raiola is the next guy out of town. Oh that’s right he added 10 pounds to his fat lazy torso, but that still won’t help when opposing players push him back into Matthew for the sack.

  4. By Damon Wilson on Jul 10, 2013 | Reply

    Why do i hear the same repetitive stuff from fans? Like if you are a fan can we stop with the broken record?

    Can he win against good teams?

    His mechanics suck?

    He fell off last year?

    Like really bro, as soon as you start being a critic of a team that doesnt pay you, maybe ask yourself, Can you do better?

    We this, we that… Not on the payroll people…

    Stafford is still a kid, like lets take the next 5 years to watch him grow.

  5. By bob glatter on Jul 10, 2013 | Reply

    Don’t put Lion losses all on Stafford. It would help if he had receivers (other than Megatron) to throw to and a defense that could stop end runs and long passes.
    BTW, why hasn’t anyone talked about the competition for the #3 QB job?
    Thad Lewis is bigger, stronger arm, NFL game experience and Kellen Moore is faster, smarter, reads defenses better, and throws accurately. Training camp and preseason games will decide who wins the job. My guess it goes to Moore.
    Let’s talk about the kickers next time.

  6. By Charley B on Jul 10, 2013 | Reply

    Hard to believe some “fans” who think it is Stafford’s fault we sucked last year. Guess they don’t think he needed a top running back to go with the physically (and mentally) injured receivers. He and Megatron can do it all by themselves with an o-line that was only good enough to keep Matt protected most of the time. Not to mention questionable officiating. And, oh yeah, a defensive backfield that was at the very least challenged because of injuries. And what about last years no-so-Special teams, with back-to-back games giving TD’s off kick-offs and punts. Yeah, all Matt’s fault and his lousy 5,000 yard passing seasons. They lost 8 games by 8 or fewer points, 4 by 3 or less.
    It is a team sport and he is the most important part of the offense, which is only one part of the team. I, for one, am looking forward to a much improved team, that for the most part should be able to pick up more points and give up fewer, a 10-point swing would put them at 12-4. That’s giving up one less TD and FG or getting one more TD and FG or some combination. It was that close with a severely damaged team last year.
    Matt can and will lead them to many better years for years to come. Yay!

  7. By Sop on Jul 10, 2013 | Reply

    I guess people keep forgetting it’s a team game. Individuals impact the game, but they win and lose as a team. The TEAM went 1-23 against opponents who were above .500 with Stafford in the line up. Everyone has their fair share of the blame and glory. Stafford had made some bad decisions and throws, but which QB hasn’t? He’s only played 2 full years and in both years he threw for 5k yards and a total of 61 TDs! Not to mention that his receiving corp was depleted this past year! Get off his nuts! This guy is a solid QB who will only get better as time passes on.

  8. By Jeff on Jul 10, 2013 | Reply

    I think the real question here is if not Stafford, Who? If there were any above average quarterbacks in free agency, Jacksonville or Oakland would have made a move. Stafford is a great player and will lead the Lions to the playoffs.

  9. By Kenneth on Jul 11, 2013 | Reply

    Stafford is talented as well as most of the team. The biggest problem is no discipline. Schwartz has got to get tough.

  10. By Black Wolf Standing on Jul 11, 2013 | Reply

    Damon Wilson: If Matt is a kid and needs to grow, let’s no pay him like he has already been there and done that. He hasn’t proven anything yet worthy of the pay he received.

    Bob Glatter, Charlie B, & Bob: If Matthew Stafford is going to take the next step in his career, he has to take responsibility for the loses. Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady both do. If you go down the list of top QB’s, you have to stop at Romo before you find a QB not taking responsibility. Do you mean to tell me Matt is no better than Romo?

    Ok, Stafford has a terrible record. He has about the worst record verses playoff teams as any starter in the league. If he is being rewarded for his potential, then structure his contract that way. Not guarantee him a fat pay check regardless of record. I wished I had a cam recorder. I know a kid that played HS football but couldn’t afford college with a heck of a lot stronger arm than Matt’s. If all it takes is a strong arm to make it in the NFL, then this kid that lives down the road from me is your man. But it doesn’t just take a strong arm. It takes accuracy, consistency, knowledge, and heart. Some of those qualities that Matt has yet to embrace fully after four years. Just how many more losing seasons do we have to suffer through before we say next? As it stands now, five. I just hope Matt can get his act together before then.

    I’m sorry I am critical on Matt. But I remember too many QB’s from the past that we held as the next great coming of Bobby Lane. While Matt is going to surpass Bobby’s passing records, at the rate he’s going Boddy’s total wins and Championships are not ever in any jeopardy from Matt.

  11. By Bearded fan on Jul 11, 2013 | Reply

    LMAO! I love the broken record fans we have. Seriously, Stafford is young, he is still developing. You cannot put all there losses on him. Come on, he was just shy of 5000 yrds passing last year. With minimal supporting staff. I for one am excited to see what he will do this year. Prediction Stafford – 5000+ passing yards, 24 passing td, 11 int.

  12. By herman moore on Jul 11, 2013 | Reply

    Close examination of the 1-23 record against teams with winning records shows that the Lions play a very tough schedule, year after year. They’re in the NFC North, the toughest division in the league. The teams that beat them had 10-6, 11-5, 12-4, and even 15-1 records. Not a 9-7 among them. It’s a misleading stat with little usefulness, IMHO. And assigning full responsibility for the W-L record to the QB ignores the credit (or blame) that belongs to the D and ST units. It’s a team sport.

  13. By herman moore on Jul 11, 2013 | Reply

    Lions O line had the fifth lowest sack percentage allowed last season, while they led the league in pass attempts per game. Want to tell me more about how bad Raiola is in pass protection?

  14. By Rebelyankee on Jul 11, 2013 | Reply

    I think any fan who doesn’t want to see their teams players getting better when they clearly can is short in the brains department.
    I also think anyone who questions why a real fan of a team would say “We” or “Our Team” when referring to said team, and then would also think that real fan has some misguided belief of actual ownership just doesn’t understand what it is to be a fan in the first place ???
    I can tell you this for sure, being a real fan is not blindly believing every player on your team is great. Reality is not a strong spot for many fans.

  15. By Rebelyankee on Jul 11, 2013 | Reply

    Stafford was paid a fair contract that is required for a NFL QB.
    Now he has the task to prove he deserves it and more,. Because as good as he has been the last couple seasons he clearly can and should get better !!!

  16. By bob glatter on Jul 11, 2013 | Reply

    Dear Black Wolf Squatting,

    Yes, Matt Stafford IS better than Tony Romo. But to give credit where credit is due, the NFL is loaded with top flight franchise qb’s. Starting with Aaron Rodgers, both Mannings, Luck, Flacco, Big Ben, RGIII, Cam Newton, Kaepernick, Bradford,
    Brady, Brees, Matt Ryan, AND Stafford & Romo. (Did I miss anyone?) NOT Sanchez!! and maybe Andy Dalton.
    Like others and myself have said, “Football is a team game”. If someone misses a block, runs the wrong route, misses a tackle for a long gainer, drops a pass, fumbles inside the 20, blows coverage, why should the qb take the blame?

  17. By Don on Jul 11, 2013 | Reply

    The Fan Base in this State when concerning the Detroit Lions has always been Great. With the Exception of some fans That Just Cannot bring themselves out from that Negative Stream that has Been in Detroit and about the Lions for Years and Years. I was one that kinda blamed the Media and a lot of Negative fans that just couldn’t stop Whining and complaining about OUR LIONS!
    I have to say that I wish in fact that I had not been SO hard on any of them as I was. I know and understand the Frustrations of The Losing Seasons that we have had in the Past Myself also.
    However Can you not see the excitement that this Fan Base has NOW!
    With This, What I call NEW Era in Detroit LIONS FOOTBALL?
    I have Wanted Mathew Stafford every since this Organization started Talking about Looking at Him When He was with the University of Georgia!
    As soon as I watched Mathew Stafford Throwing Passes and way before his Pro Day, I saw And still do see a Superbowl Winning QB! And I believe that Mayhew, Schwartz,Lewand and MR. Ford Saw the Same thing!
    I have always thought that Mathew Stafford had All the Traits that Joe Montana,John Elway,Troy Aikman, and a lil bit of Brett Favre Had.
    I am Talking a little Bit about Mechanics, but More about that character!
    I am going to say it again, It’s about that Moxy! That Look in his Eye’s!
    Stafford has LION EYES! Lions of the Kalahari Desert have that look when they are about to Attack and Overtake their Prey!(:
    And Not when things aren’t going the way that they should.
    But, When he and the Team Are on the right coarse.
    We saw a lot of that in 2011. And we will see it Again! Here in Detroit!
    I totally believe with all of my heart that Mathew Stafford And Our Detroit Lions are going to win us a Superbowl in the Very near future! This Year? Maybe?
    But, Within the Years to Come? Absolutely!
    I have heard said that this Team has to play Better than the Teams that they Face!
    I for one believe that they will! And Mathew Stafford will be there leading them onto Victory!
    All the Other Teams Have their QB’s! And WE have ours!
    Mathew Stafford is our QB and I feel very happy and Blessed to have him!
    OH, and I am Very Proud of our Fans! For Learning not to be Negative ALL the Time! And Our Media Also! GO Mathew Stafford Our Detroit LIONS QB ! And GO Win Every Game that we Can OUR LIONS Football Players! You CAN win them ALL! GO LIONS!

  18. By norm sullivan on Jul 12, 2013 | Reply

    Lions as a team are much improved this year. No individual is better than the team…!!! Our defense should give up a lot less points overall this season, and therefore the standings will be much improved…!! The LIONS will win the division this season… can make book on that…!!!!

  19. By lion for life on Jul 12, 2013 | Reply

    black wolf standing needs to take a pill and chill out on matt, be a fan or not you don’t have to keep watching if you are so pissed with the way the team is moving.

  20. By Black Wolf Standing on Jul 13, 2013 | Reply

    Dear Bob Glatter,

    Why should Matthew Stafford take the blame? That is a very good question. Because taking ownership of a problem is the first step to solving the problem.

    Matt knows who drops easy passes. For the first four years he has been blindly following what DC’s and HC’s been telling him. Sooner or (hopefully not) later, he is going to have to have a sit down with these people and tell them that their game plans are not good (being kind not to swear). He’s going to have to sit down with players who constantly drop balls, miss blocking assignments, fumbles, runs wrong route, or any other mistakes and tell them they have to step up if they continue wanting the ball to come their way.

    Did you see what Peyton Manning did when he first got to the Broncos? He sat down with the coaches and told them what he was capable of and how to structure their offense to work within his abilities AND to work with the talent level the Broncos had. How many more years of Matt do we have to sit through before Matt realizes what this team can and cannot do?

    He needs to have input. He needs to demand input on how to get this offense going good. Most of the times he looks confused is probably because of the play calling. He probably sees that some things just won’t work, yet he’s being asked to make them work. A good case in point, that Dallas game we won a few years back when we were down by over 3 TD’s in the 4th quarter. Romo knew he had the lead. He knew even if Dallas went 1, 2, 3, punt for the rest of the game, Dallas most likely would have won. But he listened to his coaches and kept passing themselves right out of the game. I have a feeling that’s what’s happening to Matt. Not that the Lions should rely on a none existent running game. But the passing plays that are being called he knows won’t work verses some defenses. Yet, he does them any ways.

    This is why he must take responsibility for loses. It’s the only way he will be able to get this team to be better and the only way he will become a better complete QB and not just a strong arm.

  21. By Bob Glatter on Jul 14, 2013 | Reply

    Dear Wolfie,

    It sounds like you think Matt Stafford should be quarterback, OC, DC, STC, and HC at the same time. He makes enough money for all those jobs but it’s not his job description. No one, not even Aaron Rodgers can control what his teammates do or don’t do on any single play. Pro players are human too and they all make physical and mental mistakes from time to time. If Stafford or any other qb in the NFL did what you suggest, his teammates would respond with “WTF you tryin’ to tell me how to play this game!” Players are only human and they all try their best to play hard and smart on every play, but physical and mental mistakes will happen not only to the Lions but every other NFL team. As I wrote earlier, Stafford is among the many franchise qbs in the NFL and I am confident with the recent additions (and subtractions) on this team, the Lions are in good hands.

  22. By John B on Jul 14, 2013 | Reply

    We are scoring 30 points a game and losing and you think that’s a quarterback problem?

  23. By bob glatter on Jul 14, 2013 | Reply

    Let’s talk about another open roster slot….kicker. Fred Akers was signed to replace retiring Jason Hanson because he is a reliable, experienced, and likely HOF kicker. He will be kicking indoors at home which means he doesn’t have to deal with the tricky shifting winds at SF. But he’s also 38 years old and coming off a troublesome leg injury. So how long will he last? Will the Lions be shopping for another kicker in 1-3 years?
    If Rugland can kick 50-60 yard field goals under game conditions, the job’s his.
    Training camp and pre-season games will tell the story. If he makes it, he can be the long term solution just like Hanson.

  24. By Marc D. Ramsey on Jul 19, 2013 | Reply

    I am and always will be a Lions fan, and that being said I also have to add that I think some of the judgements of Matthew Stafford’s skill set has been unfair. His first two season were spent on the sideline due to shoulder injury. The first time he actually gets to play consistently and show his stuff, what does he do? Go out and throw for over 5000 yards and answers the question that Mark Sanchez so arrogantly thought he answered a year before. Who was the best quarterback to come out of the draft in 2008? Well if you look at where they are now the question has been more than answered. Mark has been fighting off challenges by Tebow and others just to hold on to his position and Stafford just re-signed a very lucrative contract to extend his position through 2017. By the way that 5000 yards was done with a sub-par offensive line. Give the man the proper tools to do the job and watch what happens next. 5000 yards will be common place for Stafford

  25. By Marc D. Ramsey on Jul 19, 2013 | Reply

    Just to be fair, I want to clarify why I called the offensive line sub-par. The pass protection has improved since Matthew Stafford’s second shoulder injury in what I believe was 2010. In 2011 when the Lions went 10-6 the pass protection was much better than the previous year. However, the Lions have failed to put a running game together since Barry Sanders last wore a Lions jersey. It’s time to learn what run blocking is; we will never get to see Calvin Johnson reach his full potential until we have defenses trying to stop our running game. If the Lions ever get balanced on offense the NFC North will belong to the LIONS!!!!

  26. By Black Wolf Standing on Jul 20, 2013 | Reply

    Dear Bob,
    You didn’t hear a thing I said. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and yes, even Aaron Rogers let’s their team mates know what the deal is. And I never said that Stafford should control every aspect of every play of every player in a game. And future HoFers make mistakes. You are 100% right. But you probably can count their mistakes on one hand in an entire year OR else they aren’t future HoFers.

    Let’s look at some of the things I have said and I’ll give examples. If the OC calls for a specific passing play that has been covered all day long, Stafford needs to audible into a play that either has been working or the other team hasn’t seen yet. If a player is having a bad day dropping the ball, Stafford needs to quit passing to that player for that day (or at least half/quarter). Then once on the side line ask the player what’s wrong and find a way to motivate that player with some tact. If the defense is bad on a particular day, he should tell them that’s why we have an offense or something else clever to cheer them up.

    A QB is like a good Captain of a ship. The Captain knows everything there is to know about his ship and crew. He won’t ask any of the crew to do things that’s outside their abilities. But yet, he will demand 100% all the time. He will treat his crew with respect and dignity.

    I have yet to see where Stafford truly knows this offense. I have yet to see him criticize or motivate any of his team mates who are struggling. He does only worry about the offense, even though the defense sometimes needs a boot to get going. All through 2012, Stafford was Mr. Politics, not a leader. And look where it got us! 4-12 with the team giving up half way through the season.

    Look at my FB page. Notice the player I like most? It’s Suh. He never quit last year. He always had fight and confidence. Even when the fans gave up, he didn’t. If we only had Suh as a QB (not talking about his throwing ability), we would win a lot more games just through his attitude and toughness.

  27. By bob glatter on Jul 20, 2013 | Reply

    Dear Upright Dark Wolfman,

    I know we’re talking about football but you seem to be on a baseball field, specifically left field. If you think head coaches like Bill Belichek or Mike McCarthy don’t have TOTAL control of their team, or in other words, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers execute the plays they send in and the defensive captain (usually the MLB) does the same and don’t undermine head coach authority, you are just blowing smoke from an ideological pipe. As far as Peyton Manning is concerned, I don’t know what relationship he has with the HC or if he can get away with what you say. He does have high standing so maybe he can.

  28. By Black Wolf Standing on Jul 20, 2013 | Reply

    Dear Bob,

    It must be nice living out of touch from reality. I have tremendous respect for all HC’s. Even more so from HoF candidates. Do you know how a successful HC gets control of an entire team. By giving control. Teaching the QB’s how to read defenses. How to audible. How to call their own plays. Most HC’s will call in a play package. From the package, the QB selects the play that most suits the personnel on the field verses the defenses they see.

    I remember a QB by the name as Rodney Pete. He didn’t run the plays the Wayne Fontes told him and was yelled at to the point he was pulled from the game. Why did this happen? Because Rodney didn’t know the offense well enough to be calling his own plays. It was reported so in the post game interview with Fontes. (Side note: I still have the team jacket that Coach Fontes gave me while I was standing on the team’s sideline.) Later in Rodney’s career, he was allowed to call his plays from the play package that Coach sent in.

    Now I know not all coaches can do this with all QB’s. But the better HC’s with the better QB’s give a little control to the QB’s because that’s how champions are made.

  29. By Shane Fountain on Jul 21, 2013 | Reply

    @ Black wolf standing dude u always running ur mouth on these things like u somekind of ingenius football master mind and if u are then why sir are u not coaching on the level u seem to be such a cirtic of u wanna talk about matt proving himself Dude are u serious how many qbs in the league have thrown for 5 k yards and came with less then a hundred yards of doing it two years in a row u wanna bash management for paying this kid who is clearly going tpo be the future of the franchise !!!! bro why dot u jus shut your mouth and stop bashing these players whom have clearly made it to the league on the ability to play granted some are not as good as the others but hey geuss what it it takes more then one guy to be successful !!! Black wolf your a IDIOT Aand need to shut the hell up noone here cares about u or your half wit misinformed opinions so shut your dam mouth

    @ Herman Moore Man look im with u Mr Moore i am so over these idiots bashing these guys as if they could do or play the position better sO SICK of people like black wolf !!! But i have to play the super fan for a second look man i was there when u made some of your greatest catches and have for years wanted the opportunity to shake your hand and thank you for the memories u gave me a s a boy at the games u and and Barry were Unstoppable some of my fondest memories are of seeing u two play against teams like Green Bay on thanks giving and I for one appreciate everything u gave us as fans But as for the rest of these clown well not all of then but the ones who wanna bash Dominic And other players wel we the true fans know that they are jus hating on them cause they know they cant do for 16 games what the pros do and thats why u all are draafted and payed to do what u do and it my pleasure for one to have the memories i have pof u all and i am also looking forward to the future when mathew stafford finallly gets our boys to the super bowl Oh I was there when u Guys spanked the cowboys in the Playoffs #8 to 6 i believe the final score was and u walked right be as smiled I will never forget that day !!! i wish u would have given me your jersey tho :( but any rate u were then and always be a great player in the minds of the fans who have been here for years and we appreciate you and all the players that come in year after year and give ur blood sweat and tears for our enjoyment it means the world and we appreciate it

    @black wolf why dont u show some class and respect these guys your not a coach so shut your mouth fool

  30. By bob glatter on Jul 21, 2013 | Reply

    Shane, it was not necessary to get so abusive with BWS. He makes logical arguments, just incorrect ones. In many ways the NFL operates like a military structure. The head coach is the colonel, the assitant coaches are majors and the quarterback is the captain. The rest of the team are sargeants (RB’s and WR’s), corporals (O&D linemen) and privates (special teams and kickers). The owner and general manager are the generals.
    The backup qb is a 2nd lieutenant (rank but no authority).
    This is where BWS gets it wrong. He thinks the qb ranks much higher. He is the most importaant single player on the field and gets paid more, but he is not atop the “chain of command”, just somewhere near the middle.

  31. By Black Wolf Standing on Jul 21, 2013 | Reply

    @Bob, I like your example. But today’s army wants Captains to use their best judgements. They train them to take the initiative. The QB is being trained to take the initiative. No, I don’t think QB’s are the Generals, Colonels, Lt. Colonels, or Majors. Back in WWII, Captains did follow orders exactly as stated. They would order their men to charge right into the teeth of fortified machine gun emplacements. Many men died to take out just one machine gun. Today’s Army when a Captain is given an order to take out a machine gun emplacement, (assuming no air support) they would first try to take it out from long range. If that didn’t work, they would try to flank it. It would indeed be a very poor Captain that would order a head on charge. Consider this. The Lt. Colonel gives the orders to the Captain. It is then up to the Captain to find the best way to carry out the orders. The exact same thing I said when a Coach calls out a package of plays. It’s up to the QB to find the best way to make it work. Most QB’s that run no huddle offenses do not get plays called in except in very certain circumstance. This is because calling in a play takes too much time and will let the defense rotate fresh players onto the field. Two minute drills usually are up to the QB to conduct unless a player runs OB to stop the clock or a time out is made. Then the HC will call several plays and get the feel for what’s happening. This is when a QB really shines. If he can tell the HC things what the defense is doing that might not be seen from the sideline, he often can suggest things that the HC might have either not thought about or might have dismissed.

    @Shane Fountain, You are right. My coaching career is behind me. I’m retired now.

  32. By Black Wolf Standing on Jul 21, 2013 | Reply

    @anybody, Freedom of speech is a great thing. If Stafford can’t handle some constructive criticism (especially me just wanting him to get better), then something is wrong. I do believe that Lions have potential this year. The thing that’s going to prove the National Media wrong about the Lions being a middle of the road club (most people outside of Detroit are predicting 8-8 record in 2013) is how much Stafford matures and takes command of his team. Plus, how well the new position coaches do their jobs. Training camp is just a few more days away. It’s going to be exciting to see how all the team’s change over from last year will work out.

    @bob, I agree. Rugland should get the job. But I have a feeling if Rugland misses even one FG in preseason, he will be released. Ackers could miss up to 50% of his FG’s and still get major consideration. This is one of the biggest battles this year in the NFC. Why? If the Lions keep Ackers even if he is still sub-70%, the Lions will lose quite a few close games. This could be the difference between being 8-8 and be right where everybody is predicting the Lions to be or going to the playoffs. It’s hard to imagine a kicker who missed most of the OTA’s do to his leg still bothering him get the nod over a Rugby player who can kick – Rugland. Can you name other great Rugby players to be kickers in the NFL? I’m sure Rugland is just laughing when somebody mentions how well he will be able to kick if he sees players coming at him. He knows the rules. They can’t touch him if he kicks the ball. Plus, Rugland can be taught the American way to tackle. Heck, he probably is a great open field tackler from playing Rugby. Can you say that much about Ackers?

  33. By bob glatter on Jul 22, 2013 | Reply


    All I can say is you didn’t get your military training at OCS. Any officer who orders a frontal attack on a machine gun emplacement knowing he will incur very heavy casualties and deaths will be shot by his own men. Bad leadership gets terminal punishment. There are a few qbs who can change the call at the line, but the result had better be good.
    As far as kicking is concerned, how can you say if Akers kicks at 50% accuracy and Rugland kicks at 90% or better, Akers gets the job?
    If Rugland can put kickoffs out of the end zone consistantly, it takes a big load off special teams, reduces injuries, and makes the opponents start from the 20 instead of midfield.
    Gives the Lions D more chances for a turnover.
    In the future, think before you speak or go back to being a Packer fan.

  34. By Raymond on Jul 22, 2013 | Reply

    Sack the other teams aback that’s how we will win in 2013 if that stat is empty we will be also ran like 2012 take it to the bank.

  35. By Black Wolf Standing on Jul 23, 2013 | Reply


    Again, you didn’t read my statement before you commented. QUOTE:”It would indeed be a very poor Captain that would order a head on charge.”

    As far as kicking goes, the Lions front office does not want to admit to a mistake by signing Akers. When they signed him, it was his job. That’s the reason Aker’s signed his contract. When the Lions signed Rugland, it was for giving Aker’s competition. Not one writer has ever came out and said that Rugland has a legitimate chance to win the job. Most national media writers are saying that Rugland will make an NFL team this year, just not the Lions. And that’s partly because of the lack of commitment and sponsorship the front office has in Rugland. I think about the only way Akers doesn’t get the job is if he either is put on the PUP list or bows out. I was being over dramatic with the percentages, but I don’t think the Lions front office is even going to bother with the actual performances and the kicking job has already been decided. Just they won’t announce Akers as the winner until after the preseason and final cuts to be made.

  36. By bob glatter on Jul 23, 2013 | Reply

    @Howling Wolf,

    So what you’re saying is that the Lions front office politics trumps on field performance. If that’s true, it will be a mediocre 2013 season for Lions fans.
    Your statement is very strange because you said the opposite:

    ” If the Lions keep Ackers even if he is still sub-70%, the Lions will lose quite a few close games. This could be the difference between being 8-8 and be right where everybody is predicting the Lions to be or going to the playoffs. It’s hard to imagine a kicker who missed most of the OTA’s do to his leg still bothering him get the nod over a Rugby player who can kick – Rugland. Can you name other great Rugby players to be kickers in the NFL? I’m sure Rugland is just laughing when somebody mentions how well he will be able to kick if he sees players coming at him. He knows the rules. They can’t touch him if he kicks the ball. Plus, Rugland can be taught the American way to tackle. Heck, he probably is a great open field tackler from playing Rugby. Can you say that much about Ackers?”

    So which is it?

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