Bush: “I definitely hope that I can come in here and make life a little easier for Stafford, Megatron”

Posted by Chrissie Wywrot on July 30, 2013 – 7:00 am

Reggie Bush“The reception here has been really positive.  I’ve really enjoyed the fans being out here and showing support for me. With this being my first year in Detroit, you never know how the fans are going to respond. I think the reception has been overwhelming. I’ve really enjoyed it.

“The fans have been supporting me and cheering me on. It’s not just about me, but obviously it makes my job a little easier knowing that they are here behind me and I’m happy that I’m here.

“Coming into a new fan base is a little different, just because you have to start all over again. You start all over with new fans, new team, and new environment. I think the fans are the best part about it; getting to switch teams and meeting different people, having different fans and earning your respect with your new fan base. I enjoy that side of it. I think the tough part is getting adjusted to the new environment, making a move, finding a home, all of that.

“Our last few practices have been really productive. I think we’ve gotten a lot accomplished and it feels like everybody is on the same page. We all have one goal and everyone is on the same page to achieve it — we’re just taking baby steps. We’re making each day count and I feel like we are getting better every day and that is what’s most important.

“For me, personally, having such a high expectation placed on me is a good problem to have. I definitely hope that I can come in here and make life a little easier for Stafford, Megatron, Pettigrew, Scheffler and Burleson … all those guys. Because obviously the offensive passing game is really good, it’s superior. So my job is to come in here and help bring in a solid, consistent running game that’s going to compliment the passing game.”

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10 Responses to “Bush: “I definitely hope that I can come in here and make life a little easier for Stafford, Megatron””

  1. By Black Wolf Standing on Jul 30, 2013 | Reply

    Born to Run!

    Go Lions!

  2. By Grindmeapound on Jul 30, 2013 | Reply

    Run Forrrreeest…..RUUUUNNNN !!!! GO LIONS!

  3. By broccolilava on Jul 30, 2013 | Reply

    Thanks for the post, Reggie. Gonna be a great season.

  4. By Andrew on Jul 30, 2013 | Reply

    Stand back fans, we’ll see how big the production will be. Similar to the quote in the film “Punchline”. GO LIONS! SEE YOU AT THE SUPER BOWL!

  5. By Ken on Jul 30, 2013 | Reply

    Need to develop our young talent and say healthy all season. If the young guys come of age, we stay health and also have a little luck I think this is going to be a hell of a season. Most talent we have amassed in 25 years. Go Lions.

  6. By Shane Fountain on Jul 30, 2013 | Reply

    Why is there Always the one person that has to play Analyst !! Like they are on the NFL Level or capabilities of Doing so Listen i have been to the Lions open to fans practice and i have seen from the Perverbial Mountain top !!! The LIONS LOOK REAL GOOD !!! trust amd believe that !!!! All the way from CJ to Bush and Ansah to slay we going to have a great season !!!! These BOys are Hungry ,,,,

  7. By bob glatter on Jul 30, 2013 | Reply

    Please keep your finger off the Shift or Caps Lock button until you learn how and when to capitalize.

  8. By Anthony Miller on Aug 3, 2013 | Reply

    I hope u can Reggie!!! Thats all we need is a just a decent run game a reliable run game thats all!!! Hopefully with Curtis Modkins being the”run coordinator” we can run some toss sweeps, offtackles, etc… We just need to have more diversity in the playcalling!!! And stop calling that damn shotgun handoff so damn much!! Also on 3rd n 2 stop coming out in the shotgun!!! At least with Stafford being under center more in that situation provides the threat of a run more!! More of a tendency to run from under center!!! Just a lil’ bit of common football sense that’s all!!! LISTEN TO ME!!! GO LIONS!!!!!

  9. By Black Wolf Standing on Aug 3, 2013 | Reply

    @Anthony: The Lions run the pistol offense. It’s not a true shotgun. Stafford stands closer to the line than he would otherwise. What this does is gives the defense less time to react to a hand off or a pass.

    As for sweeps, we need good athletic run blocking tackles to do sweeps. Last year, our tackles were good enough for pass blocking, but that’s about it. This year will be different. Also to do sweeps, you need a RB with a motor. Leshoure had one before his injury. He never fully recovered. Bell is more of a between the tackles RB. So, we never really had a fast RB that could turn the corner. This year we have Bush. He is fast enough to turn corners. And with him used to seeing 7 to 8 people in the box while he was in Miami, when he sees only 5 to 6 people in the box here, he is going to explode.

    Let’s hope Leshoure gets his explosive kick back this year and Bell gets nasty between the tackles. We could end up with one of the better rushing offenses in the NFL this year.

  10. By jacksprat57 on Aug 6, 2013 | Reply

    Anthony Miller, you’re not telling them anything that they didn’t know about the gun. There has been far too much penetration between the tackles for the Lions to allow opponents also to key on Stafford from up close. They were in his lap as it was; no sense in compounding the problem.

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