Detroit Lions sign a pair of defensive tackles

Posted by ttwentyman on August 16, 2013 – 3:51 pm

The Detroit Lions have boosted their defensive line depth with the signing of defensive tackles John Drew and Justin Bannan.

Bannan agreed to terms with the team Thursday, but the move became official Friday after he completed a physical.

Bannan, 34, started 15 games for the Broncos last year — he had 42 tackles and four deflected passes.

Drew is a 6-foot-2, 330-pound undrafted free agent out of North Carolina Central. He worked out for the Lions before training camp, but did not sign at the time.

As an undrafted rookie, his deal is automatically a three-year deal, per the collective bargaining agreement.

Both players will now compete for playing time behind Ndamukong Suh, Nick Fairley and C.J. Mosley.

Also on the roster at defensive tackle are: Andre Fluellen, Jimmy Saddler-McQueen and Ogemdi Nwagbuo.

The team released cornerback Conroy Black and defensive end Braylon Broughton to make room for Bannan and Drew on the 90-man roster.

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22 Responses to “Detroit Lions sign a pair of defensive tackles”

  1. By bob glatter on Aug 16, 2013 | Reply

    Why are the Lions wasting roster space on defensive tackles when they should be teaching their db’s, safeties, and linebackers how to tackle and cover receivers?

  2. By Black Wolf Standing on Aug 16, 2013 | Reply

    I thought we had all the DT’s we needed. Unless we are cutting Suh and Fairley, then we would need more. Are the Lions going to cut Suh and Fairley? After all, it does make sense. The DT’s are not sacking the QB’s and allowing them to get passes off. With shameful play like that, we might as well cut Suh and Fairley. After all, they are not the number one DT tandem in the league, they are only number two. Cut them. Your using the same logic to cut Rugland!

  3. By joe B on Aug 16, 2013 | Reply

    as soon as the lions cut Rugland, some team will pick him up,and he will come back to haunt the lions,and beat us on a field goal, no shi#, go Rugland…..

  4. By juice5114 on Aug 16, 2013 | Reply

    the only reason the lions dts aren’t getting to the qb is because that’s the only ppl the whole oline has to worry about and why in the world are we starting ron bartell over slay. sure slay has looked like a rookie but the difference isn’t that much between the two and slay has room to improve. bartell on the other hand has never been worthy of a starting job and is 30ish I think so I doubt he will have a huge breakthrough year, if were gonna draft corners then let them play quit trying to fill the spot with never-was players like Jacob lacy , no skills wright and old man bartell. and for gods sake keep kickalicious he will prove hes as good as anyone and has so much upside,and if green and greenwood cant stay on the field give them the axe potential be dammed if u never play greenwood has missed 2 whole preseasons (which he needed badly) and I would love to see him run that fast 40 again after so much inactivity , and I don’t know why gandee is getting first team reps at all he is a life time backup at best, I am a huge ford fan and a life long lions fan and I cant stand the way this is goin down we are the laughing stock of the nfc , and were loaded with top tier talent just no clue how to fill the gaps at all, please call jim harbaugh and ask for pointers Schwartz

  5. By juice5114 on Aug 16, 2013 | Reply

    and why isn’t kevin smith on our roster he can do anything leshore can do but better, not to mention joique bell does better than leshore now.

  6. By john on Aug 16, 2013 | Reply

    Its line backers lousy play that hurts DL can’t do it all.I think they should put a defensive end at middle line tall so he can see and big enough to knock dn a pass and to ward off a block and stuff the middle

  7. By Jerry on Aug 16, 2013 | Reply


  8. By ron on Aug 16, 2013 | Reply

    untell we fix the power run game we will struggel. revamp the oline and run in and out of two back set.our run game needs more beef at the point of attack.

  9. By Raymond on Aug 16, 2013 | Reply

    The lions are in a panic all these signings to fill roster spots. There def backs are in trouble. 2012 produced 4 wins we have the largest payroll in the nfl. Let’s not forget mayhem was hand in hand with millen . The fog is still in place. This mess is far from over .

  10. By Black Wolf Standing on Aug 16, 2013 | Reply


    I think you are a lot closer to the truth than you realize. Last year was a vicious back slide. The team with an exception of a few players, gave up. This year, while having a big change over, the locker room still feels the sting of those loses and the departure of well liked players. Nobody is getting to know each other do to the competition at so many positions. Right now, we have a team that’s emotionally disfunctional. It won’t start coming together until starters are named and certain key players told they are staying. The real training camp won’t start until kick off of opening day. It will last four to five weeks until the team gets to know each other. This process could start sooner if key players are told they are either on the team, or released so that they can latch onto other teams while still in preseason. The most important is Rugland. Release him or announce he’s starter before the next game. Others include the #4 WR, OLB, CB opposite Houston, Nickle CB, and RT. The starters need to be announced so that they can play together and not play the emotional and stressful merry go round that the team has been on since the start of OTA’s and continued in training camp.

  11. By Rebelyankee on Aug 17, 2013 | Reply

    I know about John Drew expect him to make the roster with Mosley, behind Suh and Fairley as the starters. Then 5 DE’s = Ansah, Jones, Idonige, Young, Taylor. :-)

  12. By Rebelyankee on Aug 17, 2013 | Reply

    I love how people get all fired up with the doom and gloom in pre-season :-(

  13. By Anthony Miller on Aug 17, 2013 | Reply

    Man im with Jerry!!! Really its the run playcalling, the OL still in the passive blocking mode!! Im still hoping the RB coach/run coordinator will help our OC and the OL coach to git the playcalling and the blocking schemes up to par!! I’ve been on this blog tryin to tell anyone who will git the messages to coach!! Please HC, DC, and DBs coach please start working on these DBs on their ball skills!! You guys have the film so I know you see it on film. When you see it on film what DBs are not turning their heads around, PLEASE,PLEASE COACHES HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR NOT TURNING THEIR HEADS AND LOCATING THE FOOTBALL!!! I saw Clevelands third string DBs using their ball skills. HELLO!!! I thought to be a DB in the league u had to have some sort of ball skills!! All our DBs ever do is run behind the WRs and face guard. At least if they play the ball, then it keeps the refs from throwing the flag!!! Coaches please fix this!! I know u can because our coaches have been successful before. GO LIONS!!!!

  14. By Don on Aug 17, 2013 | Reply

    I liked to hear what you had to say about the DB’s Anthony. That is something that I have never understood about our DB’s? They are all way’s chasing the WR and not looking back for that ball at all. But, this isn’t something that has just started this year, It’s been going on for years.
    I have to say that yes, I am disappointed in the way that this, OUR TEAM played Friday. About the Tackling, and I believe mostly the way that the and not All the DB’s tackle. I just do not understand how you are trying out for the NFL And you either don’t know how to tackle or it just isn’t that important to you? But, Please for the sake of the TEAM The Fans And yourselves please go get a book or something that explains how to tackle. I am not trying to be a jerk about it, It is what I have always considered Football to be about. That IS what Defending is ALL about. So how can you play the Game And not show UP?
    Tell Me that you Players that have been playing most of you for a long time others maybe not? But, wherever you played, whatever University,High School, and for some of you JR. High. And you are now on a Pro Football Team and you don’t know how to tackle? Bull, Get yourselves together, Go out and Practice on how to tackle I Guess? I just would be flabber gasted if I was a Coach in the NFL and my defensive player’s didn’t tackle properly!
    Like one of your Team members said, you all should know how to tackle. Right?
    I guess i am being a little to sarcastic. but to think about it watching this same kind of thing for about 50 years now, and it has happened before on this Very Team. Line the Oposing runner up as good as you can because he is moving fast, try to get in front of him as much as you can. You don’t have to stick him with your helmet, You can shift your head to one side or the other so there is no concusion going to take place try to get him around mid section of his Body, And wrap your Arm’s Around him, Driving him to the Ground. There I think that is a Fair and balanced explanation on how to tackle. I know that all Tackles and situation’s are not all the same. but start out trying that, And it should work it’s way into you being a fine Tackler in the weeks and month’s to come.
    Because if you don’t start tackling the way that you should know how, It is going to be one long season! And with this I am mostly talking to the Backfield.
    Oh, and that large Opening in the middle of the field between All the DB’s and behind the LBers is a prime area that other TEAMs love to work on this TEAM.
    I am Trully sorry if I have been to critical but, man Pro’s should be able to tackle.
    One more thing, Why? Isn’t Durum Getting the most Nods at the outside WR spot? Everytime that he is in there he produces. I like Patrick Edwards and believe that he is a very good WR But between those Two they can put more points on the Board. It just makes me scratch my head when Durum Aint getten no love Man?
    I love this TEAM, Get it together man! LIONS!

  15. By Don on Aug 17, 2013 | Reply

    Who and us Fans, Me too, Calm down, We look worse than the players the way we act. cheeze whiz it is only a Pre Season game for crying out loud which is what most of us are doing it looks like. Have a little faith,Men! It will get Better!
    It Has To Because we are going to Win the Superbowl!
    Again I love this TEAM ! GO LIONS!

  16. By Jim on Aug 17, 2013 | Reply

    Does anyone notice how the team is playing not to get hurt? I expected them
    to lose vs the Browns. The Browns had everything to prove to their fans

  17. By bob glatter on Aug 17, 2013 | Reply

    Next week the Lions play New England at home. Tom Brady is licking his chops looking forward to it. If the Lions db’s can’t learn ball skills in one week of practice, then don’t be surprised when Brady racks up over 200 passing yards in the first half.

  18. By bob glatter on Aug 18, 2013 | Reply


    Kevin Smith isn’t on the Lions roster or anyone else’s because he’s fragile.
    He can’t last 16 games. Never has, never will.

  19. By dmick on Aug 19, 2013 | Reply

    Lions need a complement to CJ. Once Broyles is healthy and you go after Donte Moncrief just like Atlanta went after Jones……Superbowl bound… the offense will overcome the so so defense.

  20. By dmick on Sep 24, 2013 | Reply


    Do not let the Patriots steal another wide receiver for peanuts. Josh Gordon is worth the risk. Just like Randy Moss was. Yes 4 or 5 years you will need to let him go, but so what, win with him now. The Lions offense with him would be awesome. Last year you did nothing when Burleson went down and your team fell apart. So what if he doesn’t work out, big deal, you lose a third round pick. If he does you may have the final piece for a super bowl run.

  21. By dmick on Sep 25, 2013 | Reply


    Remember everyone thought the Bears were crazy for picking up Brandon Marshall even with his connection with Jay. Looks like their willing to take risks and their risk might reward them with the Lombardi trophy. You would not have taken a look at Gordon if Burleson did not go down. I think an opportunity is looking you in the face and you should pull the trigger.

  22. By Raymond on Nov 13, 2013 | Reply

    Ansah should be playing tape it up and play . Put him on ir if his ankles that bad.

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